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What is new in offer


Paper Bags without laminate - new paper Kraft 160g


We have introduced a new white kraft paper 160g to our permanent offer. The new paper allows to reduce the price by up to 15% compared to laminated bags without reducing their resistance and quality of printing.

Kraft paper 160g is ideal for no-laminated bags and
 stiffness is the equivalent of 200g offset paper or artpaper 170g with lamination.

Kraft paper 160g allows any advertising printing in CMYK (photo) or Pantone. The paper has a velvety texture and it is also erasure nad cracking resistant.

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Paper bags with screen printing from 100 pcs

  • Screen printing technique in the Pantone system colors
  • Printing with water paints and UV paints on laminated bags.
  • All 4 sides of the bag for disposal on advertising printing
  • Flexibility in the choice ofropes colors, rips or satin ribbon (basic templates).
  • No-laminated bags of kraft papers (white and eco-brown) and with matt or shiny lamination for disposal
  • Kraft Plus bags with twisted paper handles avaliable in 2 paper options (white and natural) and 5 basic sizes: 18x8x24, 22x10x28, 26x12x35, 32x12x41, 45x15x49
  •  Kraft Classic bags with PP / cotton handles avaliable in 6 color options and 6 basic sizes: 12x8x38,16x10x21, 24x10x34, 30x11x35, 36x12x40, 50x13x40
  • Papers and handles templates for Advertising Agencies disposal.

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Paper bag Kraft Classic with inserted and glued handles.

Satin ribbon or rips band handles glued in the top fold.

 To our permanent offer we introduced handles made of satin ribbon or rips band with a width of 25mm and 15 mm, glued in the top fold.
The technology we use ensures grip strength comparable to conventional ropes handles.

The tapes are available in 12 standard colours and custom 80 colours on request.
There is a possibility to make satin ribbons and rips bands in one and the same colour, which is important in the case of bags with an additional knotted closure.The minimum quantity is 500 pcs.

The durability of a single bag is between 3 to 10 kg (depending on the size and finish of the bag)